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Our dedicated Care Guides walk with you through every challenge you face while caring for an elder

Care Logistics, Legal Help, and Senior Living

From finances to elder law, medical care to living situations and social connections, we know the senior years are complicated.

We start with an initial assessment to understand your needs and goals. We create a personalized plan, advise on resources, and partner with you to support your goals.

June Care was built based on personal experience. Our founders struggled with the difficult, time consuming, and often stressful process of caring for aging parents while managing full-time jobs and their own families.

How it works

Match to an expert


We'll match you to an elder care expert (social worker, elder law attorney, etc.) based on your needs. 

Connect Virtually

Connect with your expert over video or by phone when it's convenient for you.

Personalized Guidance 

Receive recommendations and continue the conversation by chat or follow-up sessions.

Secure Peace of Mind

Find a helping hand

Feel equipped to act

Reduce Stress and Burnout

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