Being a caregiver is hard.  Don't do it alone.

With a combination of digital tools and personalized expert guidance, we help relieve caregiver stress and enable caregivers to more fully engage in the care of their loved ones.

Work with an expert 

geriatric clinician

Receive a video-based diagnostic assessment and monthly check-ins with a licensed health professional specialized in geriatric care. 


Join weekly video group therapy sessions with your care guide and your cohort of peer caregivers

I would get so upset with my LO. But, our care advisor helped me take a step back and respond differently. I can already feel myself becoming more patient. 

Use effective tools for

self care, made easy

Weekly interactive lessons focus on preventing caregiver burnout. Simple tips for better eating, fitness, sleep, and stress management can have an immediate impact on your mental wellbeing.

With June Care, I'm training my brain to make small, healthy decision and creating good habits to replace the unhelpful ones

You’re not in this alone. You’ll gain the support of a small cohort of peers facing similar challenges for encouragement at every step.

Join a community of other

family caregivers 

Hearing others speak about their caregiver journey is very comforting.

This is the only group of people that understands what I'm going through.

Meet your care guide today

Cohorts begin on a rolling basis. We start with an initial assessment to understand your needs and goals. We create a personalized plan, advise on resources, and partner with you to support your goals.